Sunday 7 August 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: The Crown of the Conqueror - Gav Thorpe

Release Date: 04/08/11


Ullsaard has won the crown

But when he is confronted with a truth too shocking to contemplate, he has to make the impossible choice between power and honour.

And now the real battle has begun in this stunning sequel to The Crown of the Blood, packed with gargantuan battles, demonic magic and treacherous politics.


More well known for writing in established universes its always good when an author steps out of the shadows into a world of their own and with last year’s explosive fantasy debut in his own world, we knew that the reader would be in for one hell of a ride. It’s bloody, it’s gory and if you’re a fan of the type of battle sequences reminiscent of Howard then this is an author for you. Add to this an in depth world to explore, double dealing, threads ending and new ones being interwoven by the Norns and it’s a series that really is one you cannot ignore.

As with the previous it might not be for everyone but for me it hit the spot as a lot of the in depth work to help establish was conducted in the first outing. Well written, cunningly plotted and above all else a combat story of survival that shows that Thorpe is more than prepared to slaughter a world to establish his own rule. Great stuff.

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