Saturday, 13 August 2011

THRILLER REVIEW: The Second Messiah - Glenn Meade

Release Date: 04/08/11


For two thousand years, wars have been fought, dynasties founded and great empires built on the message at the heart of Christianity - that Jesus Christ is the one true messiah. But in modern-day Jerusalem, archaeologist Jack Cane makes a shocking discovery. A discovery that not only threatens to destroy the charismatic new Pope, but one that could shatter two thousand years of faith and challenge the very foundations of the western world.


To be honest I do love a good mystery but when it starts to get into too much indoctrine, then it starts to lose me as well as my interest. This title by Glenn is well written and whilst some of the prose at times feels a little over zealous, the plot line does wend its merry way to the heart of most conspiracies within the Christian church, the Vatican.

The lead character is decent enough and whilst he’s no Indiana Jones he does come across as a little flat as well as lucky due to his survivability. Add to this some twists and turns that are expected within the genre and for me this was sadly more of a middle of the road affair rather than an adventure that you just couldn’t put down. A great shame.

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