Wednesday, 3 August 2011

SCIENCE FICTION AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Warhammer 40K: The Madness Within - Steve Lyons, Read by John Banks

Release Date: 04/08/11


Desperate and isolated, Sergeant Estabann and Brother Cordoba of the Crimson Fists Space Marines are hunting the daemon that destroyed their battle-brothers. Their only hope remains with a Librarian on the edge of sanity, a potentially tainted Astartes who they are forced to trust. His psychic abilities can lead them to the daemon, where Estabann and Cordoba can avenge their brothers' deaths. But is the greatest threat a foul denizen of the warp, or the power contained within a psyker's mind?


I love a great audio book as it’s something that you can just place on your CD player (Or MP3 if you prefer), sit back and listen to a cracking adventure. Here in the latest offering from the Black Library, Steve Lyons (author of Dead Men Walking alongside Ice Guard as well as audio title Waiting Death) brings the Marines into combat against a daemon. It is cleverly written and whilst some of the titles go for heavy duty full scale battle battalions this one is a closer knit two hero title who have to track and kill their enemy.

Add to this that as well as being character driven theres a surprise of two, some great visual descriptions as well as a sting in the tale you have to acknowledge the skilled reading of John Banks who brings it to life with the heavy brooding atmosphere pulling you down. All in this was a most satisfactory excursion to the 40k Worlds and one that I’ll no doubt enjoy again shortly. Great stuff.

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