Tuesday, 23 August 2011

HISTORICAL URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: The Edinburgh Dead - Brian Ruckley

Release Date: 24/08/11


Edinburgh 1827. In the starkly-lit operating theatres of the city, grisly experiments are being carried out on corpses in the name of medical science. But elsewhere, there are those experimenting with more sinister forces. Amongst the crowded, sprawling tenements of the labyrinthine Old Town, a body is found, its neck torn to pieces. Charged with investigating the murder is Adam Quire, Officer of the Edinburgh Police. The trail will lead him into the deepest reaches of the city's criminal underclass, and to the highest echelons of the filthy rich. Soon Quire will discover that a darkness is crawling through this city of enlightenment ? and no one is safe from its corruption.


If you love an Urban Fantasy story that has drama, historical content and of course features a city with a dark and brutal past then you really have to pick up Brian Ruckley’s new novel, The Edinburgh Dead. It’s cleverly plotted and utilises one of the darker parts of the city’s history. Add to this some of the blackest magic, a whole host of undead as well as a lead character perfectly capable of hacking his way through it all to the heart of the matter (in more ways than one) and it’s a satisfying read.

Whilst Brian is perhaps better known for his epic fantasy series Godless World, this title demonstrates not only a huge talent but one that really will grip the reader in its vice like hands as much from the first page as its last. Wonderfully descriptive, beautifully created and of course with a cracking set of verbal architecture from which to base a series, it’s definitely one that I’ll eagerly await future instalments from.

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Angela Addams said...

Now, this is one that looks very interesting to me and also one that I probably wouldn't have zoned in on without your review! Thanks for bringing it to my attention - another one added to the wish list!