Monday, 15 August 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: Stormlord Trilogy 3: Stormlord's Exile - Glenda Larke

Release Date: 04/08/11


Reduner nomads have massacred the Quartern’s Rainlords, leaving its cities vulnerable to the relentless desert. Now Stormlord Shale must stretch his powers to bring rain, or his people will die - if they don’t meet a Reduner knife first. However, Shale can’t hold out alone for much longer, and those who seek to exploit him are closing in.

Rainlord Kaneth has spurned these politics for war, and plans to defeat the Reduner leader from his desert stronghold. But there are spies in Kaneth’s camp.

Terelle has been Shale’s secret weapon until now, covertly boosting his powers. But her Uncle’s magic compels her to travel to distant Khromatis - and if she disobeys him it will destroy her. Yet Khromatis gave the desert its first Stormlord, so Terelle may find hope there as well as great danger . . .


Glenda Larke’s writing is one that is a pure joy to behold, its clear, it has great passion and the characters not only stand on their own two feet but they’re people that you’d like to hang around with (for the most part.) Add to this a vivid world that is not only concisely generated but one that the reader feels that they know intimately almost as if they were an inhabitant.

In this the third offering in the series Glenda really takes the plot forward with cracking pace, wonderfully descriptive prose and of course allows the fates to generate new plot based on the characters choices from the previous titles. Finally add her inventiveness alongside an identifiable writing style and the reader really is in for a treat. For me, this is perhaps her best series to date.

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