Monday 19 September 2011

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: A Single Shot - Matthew F Jones

Release Date: 19/09/11


Anyone's life can change in an instant. In Matthew F. Jones's acclaimed novel, one man's world is overturned with a single shot. Trespassing on what was once his family's land, John Moon hears a rustle in the brush and fires. But instead of the deer he was expecting, he finds the body of a young woman, killed by his stray bullet. A terrible dilemma is made worse when he stumbles upon her campground - and the piles of drugs and money concealed there. Moon makes his choice: he hides the corpse, and takes the cash. His decision will have consequences he can neither predict or control.


Mulholland continue to go from strength to strength as this release proves. Whilst a well-known US classic, this title is one that many in the UK may not have heard of let alone read, yet when you pick it up, it’s a novel that will remain with you long after the final page has been turned.

It has a great lead character, inner turmoil and of course a whole host of dilemma’s that the character has to figure his way out of as he tries to cleanse his own conscience. Add to this some wonderfully descriptive prose, cracking pace and a hint of Lady Macbeth about the whole piece leaves this chilling story working its way through the reader’s imagination longer than a cold winter’s night. A must read.

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