Wednesday, 21 September 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: Ancient Blades Trilogy 3: Honour Among Thieves - David Chandler

Release Date: 01/09/11


Enter a world of darkness and danger, honour, daring and destiny in David Chandler’s magnificent epic trilogy: The Ancient Blades.

One thief against the world…

When allies become enemies, to whom can a clever thief turn?

Armed with one of seven swords forged at the dawn of time, Malden was chosen by Fate to act as saviour…and failed dismally. Deceived by the trickery of his one-time ally, Mörget, the young thief employed his newfound might to help destroy the naturally barrier protecting the kingdom of Skrae – and now there will be no stopping Mörget’s barbarian hordes from pillaging the land. Suddenly friends and former supporters alike covet the young hero’s magic while seeking his destruction – from the treacherous King and leaders of the City of Ness to the rogue knight Cloy, who owes Malden his life.

It will take more than Malden’s makeshift army of harlots and cutpurses to preserve a realm. Luckily the sorceress Cythera fights at his side, along with the ingenious, irascible dwarf Slag. And the wily thief still has a desperate and daring plan or two up his larcenous sleeve…


The final part in David Chandler’s Ancient Blades trilogy and one that builds up to the crescendo for one hell of a final confrontation as the events from the previous play out to their epic conclusion. Whilst I had problems with the first book, the second picked up and the third continued in much the same vein allowing the reader to get a full blooded fantasy adventure and one that satisfied when the final page was turned.

It was definitely an interesting series, the prose for the final was solid and with a principle player that I could really get behind made this a real joy to read. Great stuff.

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