Friday 23 September 2011

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: War in Heaven - Gavin Smith

Release Date: 22/09/11


The high-powered sequel to VETERAN sees an unlikely hero make an even more unlikely return to take the reader back into a vividly rendered bleak future. But a bleak future where there are still wonders: man travelling out into the universe, Bladerunneresque cities hanging from the ceilings of vast caverns, aliens that we can barely comprehend. Gavin Smith writes fast-moving, incredibly violent SF thrillers but behind the violence and the thrills lies a carefully thought out story and characters who have far more to them than first meets the eye. Never one to avoid controversy Gavin Smith nevertheless invites you to think beyond the initial shock of what you have just read. But in the meantime? Another fire-fight, another chase another flight of imagination.


The second book in the series by Gavin Smith that continues his heavy military theme in a bleak Sci-Fi future. As with the first it’s cleverly devised, the plot has an incredible pace and the character is attractive enough to perhaps be the person to guide the reader through alive to the final pages. Add to this some clever descriptiveness, cracking dialogue alongside some clever twists and it’s a story that was satisfying as well as hitting that need to give you a real adventure.

Finally add to this a better product than the original for me (as most of the work for the set-up has already been done) and it was a title that I enjoyed reading. Great stuff.

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Pat Hollett said...

Not my usual style of book but having read all your other reviews this week, this one caught my attention for some unknown reason. Maybe because you said it was 'great stuff', but still your reviews are always spot on. I don't know where you find all the time to read all these books and do the reviews. You really need a general comments section for ppl that have questions or just want to say something general about your site which I think is amazing. Thanks for all your hard work. It helps us readers choose more wisely. :)