Friday, 30 September 2011

NEWS: Deja Review

Hail Mighty Readers,
Here's this months round up of previously reviewed titles that have either been released in PB format or have undergone new binding/artwork. (Covers in review may differ from current incarnation.)

This month you'll find:
01/09/11 FEIST, Raymond E - A Kingdom Beseiged
02/09/11 BELL, Alden - The Reapers are the Angels
08/09/11 DONALDSON, Stephen - Against All Things Ending
08/09/11 ROBSON, Justina - Down to the Bone
15/09/11 HEARNE, Kevin - Hounded
15/09/11 WEEKS, Brent - The Black Prism
27/09/11 ABNETT, Dan - Embedded
29/09/11 CHIMA, Cinda Williams - The Exiled Queen
29/09/11 HARKNESS, Deborah - A Discovery of Witches
29/09/11 LOW, Robert - The Lion Wakes
29/09/11 MARTIN, George RR & DOZOIS, Gardner - Songs of the Dying Earth

If we've missed one please let us know,


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T. James said...

Hi Gareth. I confess I don't normally leave a comment on your blog, because I can't think of anything to say other than "nice review" or something else equally bland, but only because you review books I haven't read, and so I have nothing to say.

Today, though I'd like to thank you and your co-authors for all the time and effort you put into sharing these reviews, which are consistently insightful and well written.

This blog is a great source of ideas for enriching my reading life, so I think a few Twitter shout-outs are in order. Keep writing, as this is an interesting site with quality content.