Saturday, 3 September 2011

CUISINE REVIEW: Pieminister - Tristan Hogg and Jon Simon

Release Date: 01/09/11


Everyone loves a pie. Pies are part of our food culture and heritage, as British as ... pork pie. Pieminister – the creation of Tristan Hogg and Jon Simon – have led the way in reinventing this great British classic for a new generation of food lovers. With their brilliantly creative and delicious recipes making the likes of their Heidi Pie, Pietanic and Moo Pie into household names, pieminister have brought free-range, luscious and locally sourced baking to the country's top delis, food halls and high streets.

Pieminister pies are more than a comforting plate-full for the winter months. Throughout the year Tristan and Jon search out the best fresh, natural ingredients, creating an ever-changing, wonderfully varied menu. And in pieminister – a pie for all seasons you will find recipes that are filled with seasonal ingredients, great for spring suppers, summer parties and autumn lunches. Small pies, big pies, breakfast pies, fruit pies, family pies and pies that make you go oooooh!


OK, I know I’m an honest to goodness Brit at heart especially when it comes to cuisine. So whilst I do enjoy making tasty meals that rely on flavour and making the most out of the meal’s star (be it a choice cut of meat, fish or vegetables) with only ingredients that enhance the flavour there is something homely about biting into a silky smooth pastry to have your mouth filled with unctuous sauces and tender fillings rather than the mass produced supermarket concoctions that are more than a little bland.

Here in this book Tristan and Jon take the reader on a yearlong expedition of all things pastry wrapped that make the most of the ingredients at the height of their season so that can creating memorable meals that have that” just like Gran or Mum used to make” feel that all Brits love. All in a cracking set of recipes; easy to follow instructions alongside solid easy to make pastry which gives you a wonderful book that many perhaps reluctant cooks won’t wait to follow. Roll over fancy food that requires GPS to find it on the plate, we want real hearty meals.

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J D Waye said...

OK - I wasn't expecting to find a review like this on here, Gareth. Pie is like... kryptonite. A weakness. A joy. You now need to post an exercise book review, to counter the pie effects.