Friday, 23 September 2011

FACTUAL REVIEW: The Identification of Lace - Pat Earnshaw

Release Date: 10/10/09


This book guides the reader through the intricacies of identifying a piece of lace, listing and illustrating the points to look for in each lace. It covers the whole range of lace from all parts of the world, selecting for examination those major types which the collector or dealer is most likely to come across or hear about. The numerous photographs are arranged to assist comparison of diagnostic features and to put together laces which might be confused with one other so that their differences, sometimes subtle, can be appreciated.


In fiction Sherlock Holmes could tell a lot about a person from what they wore to how they presented themselves and even from possessions within their household, yet one of the things that is often overlooked in modern times is Lace. It may not seem quite as glamorous now and feel restricted more to the mothballs of history or even old ladies dollies but it’s a subject that is not only fascinating but has as many different types as manufacturers throughout history.

This book by Pat Earnshaw guides the reader through the origins to the various available sources as well as the different types with a mix of wonderful illustrations and photographs and whilst this title was originally released a few years back its one that fans of material really need to pick up and indulge themselves with. Add to this a comprehensive easy to follow guide, examples from various times as well as handcrafted over machined and it is a subject that when you get down to it can be just as fascinating from the social history as it is from the rich surcoat's to which many were added centuries ago.

All in this is a wonderful release by Shire and one that was a real joy to read.

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