Saturday, 28 January 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: Malazan Empire 4: Orb, Sceptre, Throne - Ian C Esslemont

Release Date: 19/01/12


The tumult of great powers colliding has passed and the city of Darujhistan and its citizens can at last get on with what matters: trading, bickering, politicking and enjoying all the good things in life. However, not all are ready to leave the past behind. A treasure hunter, digging amongst the burial grounds that surround the city, is about to uncover a hidden crypt. He will open the last of a series of sealed vaults - the one that no other dared touch - and, in so doing, set free something so terrifying that the knowledge of its internment may have been systematically wiped from all history.

Fortune hunters are also at work far to the south. When a fragment of Moon's Spawn, once the home of Anomander Rake, Son of Darkness, crashed into the Rivan Sea it created a chain of small islands. Legends and rumours already surround them. The most potent of these is that here is hidden the Throne of Night, claimed by some to be the seat of Mother Dark herself. Either way, all who seek this ancient artefact - renegade mages, hardened mercenaries, even a Malazan army deserter - believe it will bestow unlimited power upon the eventual possessor. The stakes are high, greed is rife, betrayal inevitable, and murder and chaos lie in wait...

Epic and exciting, Ian Esslemont's new novel is an enthralling new chapter in the thrillingly imagined world of Malaz.


Since his first Malazan Title Night of Knives, Ian’s writing has just gotten better and better. The key ingredients that made the world so fascinating in Steven Erikson’s epic ten book series still enthuse the reader as well as explore the world in greater depth as war wreaks it’s terrible vengeance as treasure hunters seek ultimate power.

Its cleverly written, Ian’s author voice strong as well as clear and when backed with a great sense of pace, style of inner conflict between the protagonists it’s a story that will keep you guessing. All in, this title is lots of fun which when added to a huge plot, a whole host of adventure alongside perhaps best of all a story that keeps on giving to the world as a whole, you know that a real treat is in store for all. Cracking.

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