Thursday, 12 January 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: Seven Princes - John R Fultz

Release Date: 05/01/12


An ancient necromancer slaughters the king and his court in front of the unbelieving eyes of crown prince D'zan. From that moment, his life is consumed by one thought - to regain his throne. Others will join him, some will oppose him. In a world where men and giants fight side by side against ancient monsters and new powers, only one thing is sure - war is coming. Blood will run and princes will clash. Seven princes. Seven destinies. All will be legend.


If you love a good fantasy story then you really have to try this debut from John R Fultz. It has all the elements to please readers with dark villains, a characters decent into evil alongside peoples fighting to save their world from a creeping darkness. Add to this giants, magic and of course plenty of swordplay and the reader has a treat in store but when backed with a solid authorly voice alongside cracking prose and character’s that you want to get to know and overall it’s a title that’s hard to put down.

Finally throw to the mix a world with infinite possibilities, an author who plays for keeps and I suspect that there will be a vast number of readers who will fall for this authors writing completely. Great stuff.


Anne Michaud said...

You had me at dark villains. This is going in my TBR pile:)

Nibbles said...

A new TBR shelf, that's what I need....

this one looks ace :)