Tuesday, 10 January 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Fantasy: Age of Legend - Ed. Christian Dunn

Release Date: 02/01/12


The dark origins of the Warhammer World are soaked in blood. Epic wars between kindred races reshaped the continents, vase civilisations rose and fell, the dead walked the earth in legions. This is an age of mighty heroes who like will never be seen again, such as the man-god Sigmar and Caledor, the Phoenix King of the elves. It is also an era of dread villains like the Witch-King Malekith and Nagash, the Lord of the undead. In these troubled times, dragons still flock the skies and magic exists that can doom or save the world.

It is an age of legend.


I love a short story compendium and for me, the Black Library really pulls out the stops with these titles as it allows the reader to try an author that they may not have had chance to see before. It’s a great way to launch new talent such as Sarah Cawkwell, whose previous Warhammer 40K novel, The Gildar Rift (out last month) was a real triumph.

Not only do you get new names but established hands of the Star War’s Universe like Paul S Kemp who writes a mean fantasy tale. Back that up with the old hands to the Warhammer world like Gav Thorpe and Clint Werner which guarantee’s some old favourites return. All in, this is a cracking release and one that I had a lot of fun with which is a cracking way to begin the New Year.

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