Monday, 9 January 2012

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: God of War: The Story of Alexander the Great - Christian Cameron

Release Date: 05/01/12


The story of how Alexander the Great conquered the world - first crushing Greek resistance to Macedonian rule, then destroying the Persian Empire in three monumental battles, before marching into the unknown and final victory in India - is a truly epic tale that has mesmerised countless generations of listeners. He crammed more adventure into his thirty-three years than any other human being before or since, and now for the first time a novelist will tell the tale in a single suitably epic volume. The combination of Alexander's life story and Christian Cameron's unrivalled skills as an historian and storyteller will ensure that this will not only be the definitive version for many years to come, but also one of the most exciting historical epics ever written.


OK, so you want an historical fiction title that will not only impress but one that will give you real characters that have a more 3D feel as well as being people you can associate with. You also want a story that concentrates on giving you factual information without a lot of hocus pocus and tales about divine intervention alongside a story that allows you to get to know the principle players with a realistic feel with the events that shaped them.

Well look no further as this new book by Christian Cameron about the story of Alexander the Great comes to the fore. He’s rounded, he is talked about in the third person and the things that can make a king a villain are also present as the events that shaped his life are brought to the reader’s attention. It’s wonderfully descriptive, the characters are fascinating and above all else it’s the story of Alexander that everyone should read as it allows you to see the man, the not the mythical figure that has made his way through antiquity.

Finally add to this Christian’s wonderful writing style, with cracking prose, a wonderful sense of pace and when backed with an instantly identifiable writing style, it’s a book that is going to take a hell of a lot to beat this year especially in the award season, and lets face it, that’s saying something considering how early this one’s out.


ediFanoB said...

I don't know where this will end.
First you surprised my with Hawk Quest by Robert Lyndon and now God of War by Christian Cameron.

There was absolutely no way out. I ordered a paperback copy (to be published on October 12th 2012) in advance.

Your excellent review is most alluring.

Angela Addams said...

This sounds very appealing to me...I like a great historical!

Pat Hollett said...

Another interesting book to add to my list Gareth. Thanks. Alexander is a fascinating character and this sounds like the type of book that I'd love to read. :)