Wednesday, 21 March 2012

ART BOOK REVIEW: Abakan 2288 - Luca Zamprioli

Release Date: 24/02/12


"Abakan 2288" takes you inside an imaginary future world where natural resources are dwindling, which is dominated by robots - Hard Doll Machines - mass-produced from recycled metal. It also creatively reveals how to conceptualize, fabricate and finish machine robots. This is a mixture of the steamunk aesthetic with mecha designs and sci-fi which gives a stunningly original vision of the future.


Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of a lot of the Tokyo Robot creations, I have to admit a passion for the Titan protectors of Mankind that is utilised by Games Workshops Warhammer 40K. What this book from Luca brings to the fore is a wonderful world of the artists own sculpture creations that give you not only a sense of a dark future but also wonderfully creative pieces that are unique.

It’s a joy to read, it demonstrates how you can make your own and even talks the reader through a few of the steps for painting as well as creating the original pieces on paper. A cracking title from Titan and one that I really did get a lot of fun from whilst reading that will be picked up time and again to get inspiration when I get the urge to create my own.

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