Monday, 12 March 2012

DVD REVIEW: Machine Gun Preacher - Gerard Butler, Michelle Monaghan, Dir. Marc Forster - Lionsgate

Release Date: 19/03/12


Drug-dealing biker Sam Childers emerges from prison, seemingly intent on returning to his boozy, violent ways. Following a trip to East Africa and after witnessing horrifying violence atrocities, he embarks on a life-changing mission as the machine gun-wielding protector of refugee children in war-torn Sudan leaving his best friend Donnie (Michael Shannon) to take care of his wife and daughter. Sam leads dangerous armed missions deep into enemy territory which has explosive and gripping consequences.

The brutal depiction of war, bloodshed and poverty makes shocking and heart wrenching viewing. MACHINE GUN PREACHER follows the astonishing transformation of one man and provides those who are inspired to make positive changes.

Taking on executive producer duties as well, Gerard Butler delivers a searing performance as vigilante Sam Childers. Alongside an A list cast, MACHINE GUN PREACHER features Souleymane Sy Savane (Goodbye Solo) in a breakout performance as Childers’ right-hand man, Deng.


If you want a film that is different to the norm then you might want to watch this title staring Gerard Butler. Based on the life story of Sam Childers who after a stint in prison for murder finds religion and goes to Africa, it brings everything that Butler is known for to the screen. Whilst the methods of the lead character are questionable and have been in the main media, the film gives the viewer the chance to see the horrors of the African Warzone as well as the efforts made by those to help the children who suffer due to the wars.

All in, its watchable, with Gerry stealing the show as well as giving the viewer food for thought. Whilst not exactly ground breaking it’s a decent way to spend a couple of hours and a title that gives the guys a film with a “rambo” like character, whilst the ladies can drool at Gerry doing his usual internal struggle where he wars against his own beliefs believing that a little evil is fine provided that it is for the greater good.

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