Tuesday, 20 March 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Fantasy: Knights of the Blazing Sun - Josh Reynolds

Release Date: 05/03/12


The Knights of the Blazing Sun are a noble and venerable order of templars dedicated to the warrior-goddess Myrmidia. The young knight Hector Goetz is sent to the distant island of Svunum to investigate the disappearance of a group of knights. Reunited with his comrades, he battles vicious pirates and bloodthirsty raiders, but from his increasingly disturbing nightmares Goetz realises that there is more to the place than meets the eye. As northern savages lay siege to the island, a deadly secret is revealed that threatens to damn his order for all eternity.


If you like a story of warfare that’s blended with politics and ulterior motives, then this title by Josh Reynolds would well be the book for you. The lead character of Hector Goetz is an idealist and whilst having to face truths that are unpalatable to a young knight, its ones that ultimately lead to a greater victory.

Whilst this novel does contain gripping fight sequences, the overall tale is one where you’re never quite sure who to trust as the world unravels around the hero. Add to this atmospheric turmoil both emotionally and spiritually and this title by Josh is something special that brings the world to life. Finally add to this a good sense of pace backed up with decent prose and all in it’s a title that is different to what’s gone before which makes this a very refreshing novel.

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