Tuesday, 13 March 2012

HISTORICAL CRIME FICTION REVIEW: Tom Pascoe 2: River of Fire - Patrick Easter

Release Date: 01/03/12


Wapping, London: March 1799. A sunken lugger in the Pool of London at last reveals its shocking secret. River Surveyor Tom Pascoe of the Marine Police finds the bodies of two men entombed in the crew's cabin. Suspicion falls on a third member of the crew seen fleeing the scene. He had a known motive for murder. Against the background of a nation at war with Napoleon, Tom Pascoe finds his own life under threat as he digs deeper into the case. He uncovers the existence of French agents whose task is to undermine England's ability to continue the war. In a race against time, Tom's job is further complicated by the presence of a new member of the police crew with a secret of his own...


Having enjoyed the first book by Patrick Easter, I was eager to see how he would expand the character as well as the tasks to which he’s been set to work upon in subsequent tales. This second book gives the reader a story that not only wends its merry way through London in much the way that the Thames does, but also brings the times to life with scenes that allow the readers imagination to take over.

Add to this a great sense of pace, some wonderful turns of phrase and an author who clearly knows his subject matter which gives the reader a tale that many will love whilst also delivering on the criminal aspects that were rife at the time. All in, this was a great read for me and clearly demonstrates that the author, who whilst new with this being his second story, has carved a great niche out for himself in a series that is pretty unique. Great stuff.

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