Tuesday, 20 March 2012

CUISINE REVIEW: Gennaro's Italian Home Cooking - Gennaro Contaldo

Release Date: 16/02/12


When an Italian cooks dinner, it's always a meal to savour and enjoy with as many people as can be found to share it with. In GENNARO'S HOME COOKING, Gennaro shares his favourite family recipes - the ones that will feed a crowd of hungry guests, from his 90-year-old father to his three-year-old twin girls. Older generations give advice, all hands are on deck to help, and the whole family sit themselves down at the large dining table to join in the feast together. The table is like the altar - to eat, drink, discuss, argue and confess - but most of all to enjoy the wonderful food! All the recipes cater for large numbers of people, but have tips on how to adapt them for smaller groups, there are hints on how to prepare things in advance and advice on which dishes go with what, so it is full of creative menu ideas. With GENNARO'S HOME COOKING you have everything you need to make your own kitchen a little slice of Italy.


Having spent a number of my formative years working in an Italian Restaurant its perhaps one of the cuisine styles that I’m most comfortable with as I know how to utilise the wonderful ingredients from that region of Europe to create wonderfully tasty as well as deliciously flavourful meals.

What this book by Gennaro does is give the reader the chance to create a few gems with an authentic taste of Italy. Its utilises seasonal vegetable and helps make meal times not only a family affair but a talking point for everyone to come together and share the experience. Add to this some wonderful combinations, great dishes to mix and match and something for all occasions really makes this a creative and delightful recipe book.

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