Thursday, 4 October 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: From the Tales of Easie Damasco 2: Crown Thief - David Tallerman

Release Date: 04/10/12


Meet Easie Damasco: Thief, swindler and lately, reluctant hero. But whatever good intentions Damasco may have are about to be tested to their limits, as the most valuable - and dangerous - object in the land comes within his light-fingered grasp. Add in some suicidally stubborn giants, an old enemy with dreams of empire and the deadliest killers in two kingdoms on his heels, and Damasco's chances of staying honest - or even just surviving - are getting slimmer by the hour.


Easie Damasco returns with Saltlick and is in just as much trouble as he was in his last outing, Giant Thief. As with the original it’s definitely something a little quirky and the antihero protagonist is a pure joy to hang around as he seeks avenues to further not only his own goals but to save his own hide with any advantage he can get.

It’s a fun romp in a dark fantasy world and when you add to this great prose, top notch prose and combat to keep you glued, all in this is a great second book for the reader to enjoy. Finally add to the mix a deeper series overall arc playing out underneath the plot for this title and all in the reader is in for a treat. Great stuff.

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