Monday, 1 October 2012

THRILLER REVIEW: The Demon Code - Adam Blake

Release Date: 30/08/12


Three years ago, Heather Kennedy left the Metropolitan police under a shadow that has followed her ever since. Now she has been called in to advise on a supposed burglary in the now-defunct British Museum reading room. Kennedy soon establishes that rather than steal anything, someone has broken into the stacks in order to photograph pages from books about Johann Toller, a crazed prophet of 17th century Europe. Toller believed that the end of days was at hand, and he made a number of prophecies relating to the Apocalypse and the events that would precede it. None of them came true. Until now. One after another, the grotesque signs and wonders Toller predicted come to pass, no matter how unlikely they seem. The river Rhine runs bright red, the towers of London bow to kiss the ground, and an angel with a fiery sword is seen over Jerusalem. With the help of a nineteen-year-old girl from a secretive tribe and ex-mercenary Leo Tillman, Kennedy must work to stop the next prophecy coming true - the destruction of an unnamed city...


Having read Adam’s first book The Dead Sea Deception, I was more than ready to embark on another high octane Thriller ride from this author alongside the principle characters from the original story and pretty much got what I was expecting, a cleverly researched wonderfully rich tapestry of deceit, twists alongside a plot that really doesn’t let up from the start.

Add to this solid characterisation that allows the emotional relationship to grow between the readers and characters which when backed by solid prose and of course decent dialogue which really allowed you to feel like you were tagging along. All in a great read although as a personal niggle I did feel that there was a certain amount of padding inserted to make this a full length novel rather than a gripping novella.

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