Sunday, 28 October 2012

THRILLER REVIEW: Ghost Hero - SJ Rozan

Release Date: 11/10/12


They call him the Ghost Hero. Chau Chun is a renowned artist and controversial painter. And rumours of new work by him has the media in a frenzy - and sees Lydia Chin and Bill Smith hired to follow the whispers to their source. They soon discover that Chau has been officially dead for over twenty years, killed in the Tianamen Square uprising. Are Lydia and Bill really chasing a ghost?


Unlike other thrillers out there, this tale is one that works more on the mental side of things and whilst a lot of people prefer the huge action sequences something that makes an author stand out is how they manage to engage a reader when what are thought of as key elements for any genre are removed.

Whilst the action is a little light within, it’s the characters that really shine for me within the authors writing, I can vividly imagine them, I’d like to go for a drink with some and when added to the multifaceted attributes that each has really makes this a story to make you sit up and listen to. Add to this crisp, sharp prose, a wonderful sense of pace and of course some magical sleight of hand all go together with a couple of twists to really deliver a cracking novel. Great stuff.

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