Saturday, 27 October 2012


Release Date: 11/10/12


First came the hurricane. The red rain began to fall. The blood of its victims. And the twin angels emerged...

Lea Sutter is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Trapped on an island during a hurricane, she barely escapes alive.

Out of the carnage, two boys appear - innocent, angelic and thrilled to be adopted by their new mother.

But these are no ordinary children. They bring the gift of death - and they want to share it with the whole town.

What do you do when evil enters your home?


To be blunt I was expecting quite a lot from this book, not only because its been a few years since RL Stine was last released but because I felt that the brand of horror he brought to people of my sisters age would have ben brought bang up to date to scare the hell out of them as adults.

Sadly this wasn’t the case as for my money this felt more like a cash in than a real attempt at getting a serious tale out there. The characters were laughable, the story one I’ve heard something similar before and when added to what appeared to be any lack of humanity within the lead character that should have exhibited some sort of intelligence and all in I felt really cheated. It’s a great shame all round and if you have to read this wait until its in a charity shop, at least that way you’ll be doing some good with your money.

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