Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Release Date: 04/10/12


Matvay looked inside and saw something so horrible, so gruesome ...it startled even the veteran crime investigator. "There's a body in here," he said. "Another homicide!" From the first whiff of the pungent smell coming from the garbage can, the Las Vegas cops knew what they were dealing with. Someone was dead and the witchcraft books at the scene suggested they had died in a deeply sinister way. "Witch" is the disturbing true story of how and why a sweet-natured girl called Brookey Lee West become one of America's most notorious female killers.


As a fan of true crime, I was quite pleased to be receiving this book as it was about Brookey Lee West, a woman guilty of matricide. The book was well written and whilst, it does, in my opinion delve too much into the backgrounds of all connected rather than keeping to the meat of the story, overall the subject matter was fascinating.

However on a personal note I felt that the title was misleading as the only real reference to witchcraft were the books found in the storage locker where the container with the body was kept. Other points that I found a little disturbing included the authors narration of the “fantasy tapes” to the doctor which I found vulgar with the author seeming to lose professionalism at this point.

All in the book is quite a long story without any real outcome as West never admitted her guilt to her mother’s murder and whilst other crimes were alluded to, only one was covered within this title. To sum up, if you like true crime this could very well be a book for you as she’s new to the scene so there’s no other material about her out there, however if you want something that looks at all angles with a writer who investigates other allegations then this may not be for you.

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