Monday, 12 November 2012

DVD Review: The Man with the Battenburg Tattoo - Rhod Gilbert

Release Date: 19/11/12


Following four sell-out UK tours and two best-selling DVDs, multi award-winning comedian Rhod Gilbert returns with this eagerly awaited DVD.

Rhod's stand-up rants on life's minor irritations are legendary, but this year, he's a more mellow fellow altogether. After a course of anger management therapy, he's now so laid-back he even let someone tattoo a Battenberg on him.

In this brand new show Rhod recounts the hilarious and turbulent lead-up to a make-or-break trip to New York with his on-off girlfriend. Will the new, chilled-out Rhod get his girl and live happily ever after, or will it be microwaved baked potato for one again? Could it be the Mr Angry of comedy as you've never seen him before?

Special Features
• Rhod vs. Hecklers
• Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience - Tattooist episode


Whilst I’m not up with a lot of the modern comics, one night when there was nothing much on the satalite channels I ended up on Comedy Central and discovered Rhod Gilbert (this was his “Cat that Looked Like Nicolas Lyndhurst” show) which I have to say made me laugh, so much so that I vowed to remember his name.

So when I heard about this DVD coming out I absolutely had to watch it so set it a particularly tough challenge, to make me laugh after a pretty crappy day. So sitting down, I started the DVD off, cold, miserable and quite annoyed. (So much so that I wanted one of Rhod’s diary pages.) What I got for my time was 122 minutes of laughter, about this years ups and down’s, his relationships, what used to annoy him and of course discovered that a lot of things that got to him, were also the sort of things that get to all of us. Add to the laughter, some wonderful asides, some cracking observations and back it all up around one particular event that is key to the whole tour, his Flaming Battenburg Tattoo (the obtaining of which is presented as a Special Feature for viewers to watch, alongside him dealing with Hecklers.)

All in I had a lot of fun and this really did pick me up after a day when I thought that nothing would. Its funny, its witty and whilst there is bad language, it was something that I’m definitely going to share with other family members who will appreciate it just as much as I did. I suspect that at some point I’ll have to go and see him live, so if you’re reading this Rhod, thank you for the gift of laughter.

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