Sunday, 25 November 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Fantasy: Tyrion and Teclis 2: Sword of Caledor - William King

Release Date: 22/11/12


Tyrion – Unparalleled swordsman and tactician.

Teclis – Greatest natural sorcerer of the age, his power rivalling that of fabled Caledor.

Together these twins are the greatest high elf heroes to still walk the earth. Tyrion and Teclis venture into the deadly jungles of Lustria on a desperate hunt for the lost sword of Caledor Dragontamer, the fabled Sunfang. While they search for this ancient artefact, the dark elves continue their assault on Ulthuan, sending the deadly assassin Urian Poisonblade to kill the Everqueen. And in the Realm of Chaos, the Witch King Malekith makes a pact with another enemy of Tyrion and Teclis – the sinister daemon N’Kari.


Bill King has always been an author that I’ve enjoyed spending time with whether it was rereads of Felix and Gotrek or amusing myself with Beasts in Green Velvet, there has always been something that kept me glued to the pages (and whilst I’m on the subject can we please have a new Filthy Harold novel?) Yet whilst I absolutely loved Blood of Aenarion, this title not only left me wondering what had happened but how can you fail to bring over the magnificence of Tyrion and Teclis with so much available material to work from?

Don’t get me wrong here; I expect a second book to lull a little (as they’re usually planned in trilogies) but this felt more like filler rather than trying to further the heroes’ goals. Add to this lack of any furtherance of the overall plot, rather poor interaction between the characters, lacklustre requirements for action and back that up with what feels like a personality swap and all in I was left really disappointed with this story. I will read the final instalment as I really am hoping for something magnificent to finish it off but at the moment I’d suggest hanging on to your money and waiting for the compendium.

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