Thursday, 15 November 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: The Red Knight - Miles Cameron

Release Date: 25/10/12


This is a world dominated by The Wild.

Man lives in pockets of civilisation claimed from The Wild. Within men's walls life is civilised, the peace punctuated by tournaments, politicking, courtly love and canny business. Beyond those walls men are prey - vulnerable to the exceptionally powerful and dangerous creatures which populate the land, and even more vulnerable to those creatures schemes.

So when one of those creatures breaks out of The Wild and begins preying on people in their homes, it takes a specialist to hunt it down or drive it out . . . and even then, it's a long, difficult and extremely dangerous job.

The Black Captain and his men are one such group of specialists.

They have no idea what they're about to face . . .

Forget George and the Dragon. Forget Sir Lancelot and tales of Knightly exploits. This is dirty, bloody work. This is violent, visceral action. This is a mercenary knight as you've never seen one before.


I’m a huge fan of fantasy so when I received this title I was more than intrigued as it brought monsters, terror, warfare and all woven round an antihero who you’re never quite sure how to take. It sounded ideal fodder for me and so when it landed I couldn’t’ wait to start.

So starting I was more than ready to embark on this debut yet from the beginning I had a major problem, which was that I had a hell of a job getting to grips with the hero, he didn’t seem fully rounded and didn’t feel like I could get a handle on where he was or where he was going yet as the book progressed the complexities of the character demonstrated that he played the long calculated game to the best of his ability for pure profit. It definitely made me sit up and pay attention to him and with the addition of a fairly complex magic all round made this a tale that whilst taking time to get into was more than worth it in the tales final pay off (literally.)

All in this was a book that announced a new author to the genre and as such was going to have problems within but seeing past those made it a story that I was more than pleased I stuck with as the future outings are definitely going to have some interesting twists.

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