Wednesday, 7 November 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: Red Country - Joe Abercrombie

Release Date: 18/10/12


The First Law trilogy was Joe's take on the great epic fantasy tales. Then, in BEST SERVED COLD he took on a fantasy version of a classic revenge story, and we have a superb tale of war waged in the frozen north still to come. With this, his next novel, Joe Abercrombie is once again venturing in a new direction, and on a new adventure, with one of the most enduring, powerful and popular characters of the First Law Trilogy. It's going to be their biggest challenge yet ...


Joe is one of those authors that throws caution to the wind and thrusts the reader straight into a story that is not only hard-core but gives the reader everything that they’d want in a fantasy novel. Part Western, Part Fantasy this story has elements that really make it one of his best to date. Whether it’s the dark secret at the heart of the tale or the quest to find the stolen family, it’s got all that and more with bloody combat that’s neither pretty or easy to digest, but that’s the way it should be.

Back that up with Joe’s no nonsense writing style with cracking prose and some wonderful dialogue alongside his ability to weave a story that thrills as well as fascinates and all in it’s a title that I had a hell of a time putting down. Great stuff.

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