Saturday, 24 November 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: Magister 3: Legacy of Kings - Celia Friedman

Release Date: 04/10/12


THE WORLD PREPARES FOR WAR - AND THE END OF DAYS DRAWS NEAR An ancient enemy has returned to the human kingdoms. These creatures prey on the souls of men - and if both magic and might fail to defeat them, the Second Age of Kings will fall into darkness. Magisters are marshalling their sorcerous powers to form a war alliance, but treachery is already eroding its ranks. Magister Colivar is withholding a deadly secret that links sorcerors to the Souleaters themselves. In this time of change, Kamala may finally win acceptance as the only female sorceror. If she can locate the Souleaters' stronghold, the Magisters might lift her death sentence. Yet to do that she will have to embrace an alien and terrifying birthright - and all the souls of men will be tested in the aftermath.


The concluding novel in the Magister Trilogy and whilst what has gone before has set this one up quite nicely, there were quite a few problems that more than made me pause. The writing felt a little lacklustre, the characters sadly flat and as a reader I was expecting quite a lot more than I received.

Don’t get me wrong are some solid action sequences and the author does takes the reader on a journey but it feels that this could have been cut more to a novella length and retained its integrity rather than overextended with what felt like padding with no real explanation as to some of the characters actions that didn’t feel right within me as a reader.

All in it was OK but having had such a huge build up, I felt that this ending was more of a damp squib than a real bang for me.

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