Sunday, 11 November 2012

FACTUAL REVIEW: Geek Dad - Ken Denmead

Release Date: 31/05/12


Calling all Geek Dads! What would it take to tear your kids away from their computers? How about if they could launch a camera into orbit, make their own cartoon film, or even build a rope swing? This hands-on manual is packed with fun-filled projects for dads and kids to enjoy together. Water slides, electronic origami, illuminated wallets, exploding drinks...There are activities for all ages, from five to 15 years old. With easy to follow step-by-step instructions you can choose a perfect project to fill a few minutes or to make a long afternoon fly past. It's time to get geeky.


To be honest I picked this title up as a bit of a joke as I know that my twin is heavily into making fun projects with his children, yet there is only so many things that you can think up on your own and books like this give you lots of idea’s of fun things that you can do together that makes your projects not only unique but a lot of fun is had along the way

Whether its making your own comic (no need for artistic talent as it tells you how to make a set and use photography), or making Firefly’s to run round the garden with, there’s an absolute ton of fun to be had within. There’s something for all budgets which when added to the value of teaching your children lessons as well as making it fun for all (Dad included) then you know its something that will make an ideal Christmas Present.

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Angela Magee said...

Glad I stopped by your blog. I've considered getting this for my husband, and now I definitely will.