Monday, 29 July 2013

ANIMAL FANTASY REVIEW: Lupus Rex - John Carter Cash

Release Date: 20/06/13
Publisher:  Ravenstone


The crow king is dead, and in the field below all the creatures tremble as the Murder gathers to choose a new king from the rival sons Sintus, Milus and Nascus. When the crows drive everyone from the field to keep the reckoning secret, the quail Ysil, Cormo and Harlequin believe they must simply follow their elders to safety. But when the crows turn against each other, the forest becomes full of danger. In the confusion the last wolf, Asmod, shucks off his isolation and begins to raise an army to claim the kingdom for his own. As hidden truths are brought to light and enormous sacrifices are made Ysil and his friends must make an epic journey and an unthinkable alliance if the lesser animals are to survive.


I love a story that features animals and have keen memories of reading stories like Watership Down, The Incredible journey and of course the wonderful Animals of Farthing Wood series. Well throw into this a touch of Animal Farm and you might just be beginning to grasp the complexity of this cracking release by John Carter Cash.

The story is involving, gives the reader a wonderfully rich world to dive into and when added to cracking prose and the events within really takes you away. Definitely an author I’m going to be watching and a cracking release to start Rebellion’s Ravenstone imprint. Magic.

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