Saturday, 20 July 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: Paladin's Legacy 4: Limits of Power - Elizabeth Moon

Release Date: 27/06/13
Publisher:  Orbit


MAGIC WILL NOT BE ENOUGH The Lady of the elves has been slain and King Kieri injured by the iynisin, a corrupted race of elves whose poisonous touch means grisly death for all who stand in their way. As the Lady's elves retreat to bury their dead, strange discoveries are made in the palace, revealing old secrets about the ancient alliance between humankind and elves. Meanwhile, in the kingdom of Tsaia, young ---Prince Camwyn begins to exhibit dangerous signs of magery. Discovery of magical blood so close to the king will put his brother's rule in jeopardy, but he has nowhere to turn when even his own family might put him to death for treason.


To be honest whilst I do enjoy sitting back with a cracking fantasy I was left wanting with this book. Not that the characters weren’t fun to be around but because not only was the pace lacking but the details for a lot of the sequences were sadly missing.

Don’t get me wrong Elizabeth does give you a solid enough title but when you’ve sat back and read three other parts you expect the author to keep it going with the same attention to detail as the others. All in a solid enough book and whilst the story has moved forward I’ve not enjoyed this one as much as the others.

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