Tuesday, 30 July 2013

TV TIE IN: The Guild: The Official Companion - Felicia Day

Release Date: 26/07/13
Publisher:  Titan


Since launching in 2007, the comedy web series The Guild has become an Internet phenomenon, with over 150 million views. Created, written by and starring Felicia Day, it follows the story of a Guild of online gamers who finally meet in real life. Here at last is the official companion to the show that fans have been waiting for, featuring an intro from Felicia, in-depth interviews and scores of photos.


Whilst I haven’t watched a lot of the webisodes of this series I am more than aware of it and the humour as well as the fun that it brings whilst have a dig at MMO’s as “The Guild” meet in real life. It’s a lot of fun to read and whilst it originally started out as something quite small it has an epic cult following now and has produced quite a few songs that will amuse and entertain the viewer.

The book delves into each of the characters, the people playing them as well as taking you through a step by step guide to the episodes/seasons bringing the reader the guest stars that most other programmes could only dream of. All round a whole lot of fun with great photographs which generate something that a fan will just love to own (perhaps more so that a certain characters money bank. LOL)

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