Monday, 29 July 2013

TECHNO THRILLER REVIEW: Arctic Rising - Tobias S Buckell

Release Date: 18/07/13
Publisher:  Del Rey


The Arctic Cap has all but melted, oil has run low and Anika Duncan, former mercenary turned United Nations Polar Guard pilot, patrols the region to protect against pollution and smuggling. In a daring plan to terraform the planet, the Gaia Corporation develops a revolutionary new technology, but when they lose control, our best potential solution to global warming may become the deadliest weapon ever known. As a lethal game of international politics and espionage begins, it will be up to Anika to decide the fate of the Earth. Part techno-thriller, part eco-thriller, Arctic Rising is a fantastic dystopian science fiction adventure that will appeal to fans of everyone from Michael Crichton to James Bond.


This book, from the blurb, read like a dream for me as a reader, I was going to get a bleak future, a world turned upon its head as the planets condition worsens and added to the greed of the few promised a tale that would not only keep me spinning through the pages but gripped to each plot twist with whitened knuckles.

It was a story that promised so much but upon reading delivered so little. The pace was lacking, the characters whilst interesting left me without any attachment so much so that I didn’t care about their fates or if they died horribly, the story seemed like it stuttered in places and all round felt like the author couldn’t quite deliver on the premises promise that sold the tale in the first place (like those old 80’s/90’s Video Trailers used to) which in the end left me feeling luke warm about the whole thing.

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