Friday, 19 July 2013

THRILLER REVIEW: The Mandrake File - Cedric Bannel, Polly McLean (Translator)

Release Date: 20/07/13


In a Kabul ravaged by violence and corruption, Murder Squad boss Osama Kandar still believes in integrity, a code of honour, and loyalty to old friends. But the apparent suicide of a businessman called Wali Wadi changes everything.

As Kandar’s routine investigation starts to suggest murder, the Minister for Security attempts to foil his every move, motivating him even more to solve the alleged crime.

Meanwhile, a Swiss-based secret organisation known as The Entity is doing everything in its power to terminate Kandar’s investigation, even if it means putting an end to his life and those of innocent civilians. Wali Wadi’s murderer must not be found, whatever the cost.

At the same time, Entity analyst Nick Snee is looking for a man named Leonard Mandrake, who has information that The Entity is desperate for. When Snee discovers that Mandrake’s information is related to Wali Wadi’s death, he joins forces with Kandar to find out what everybody is after, and why so many lives are being destroyed in the wake of the Mandrake Affair.

What they discover is far more important than either could have possibly imagined.


To be honest I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to get with this book as it had elements of a solid crime story alongside aspects of a crackingh spy thriller vying for the lead. What unfurled was a book with not only a high body count but one that really did live up to what the reader wants to give them a high octane ride.

The characters within were interesting, the prose snappy, alongside great pace and when added to the use of political machinations, murderous turmoil and topped with various governments agencies mudding up the waters all round made this something that I absolutely loved. Great stuff.

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