Monday, 15 July 2013

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: The Lion and the Lamb - John Henry Clay

Release Date: 04/07/13
Publisher:  Hodder


Condemned to a hovel, beaten by a merciless commander, crushed by the weather and forced to survive on starvation rations: no one looking at Paul would ever guess that he is heir to one of Roman Britain's wealthiest families. But Paul had his reasons for joining the army and fleeing the family he loves. But when rumours of a barbarian uprising from beyond the Wall begin to circulate, Paul realises that his family is in grave danger. With only the former slave-girl Eachna for company, Paul deserts the army, for which the penalty is death, and undertakes a hazardous journey across Britain where danger lurks round every corner. Epic in scope, rich with historical detail, THE LION AND THE LAMB is a novel of Roman Britain on the cusp of the Dark Ages, when all that stands between her citizens and oblivion is one family.


I love diving into historical fiction, marching with either the roman legions or the English Troops during the 100 Years War or seeing a time from the characters point of view. It gives me time to ponder events and has often caused me to dive into history books to see the time from a sterile point of view wanting to learn more about the living culture at the time. I love antiques that have had a real sense of use about them so to get a book that isn’t about the glorious battle side of things has to rely on bringing so much more to the fore as otherwise pace can lack.

With this title it’s a book that sadly lacks from this issue, it can go rather well at some points but at others seem to lose direction and steam to keep the readers attention and with characters that I didn’t develop attachments for, all round left me feeling flat about the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong its beautifully researched but at the end of the day if you lose the reader they won’t want to spend time with you in future.

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