Wednesday, 20 November 2013

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: The Abomination - Jonathan Holt

Release Date: 21/11/13
Publisher:  Head of Zeus


THE VICTIM: On the steps of Santa Maria della Salute lies the body of a woman, wearing the robes of a Catholic priest. In the eyes of the Church, she is an abomination. THE INVESTIGATOR: Captain Kat Tapo has matched the victim's tattoo to graffiti in an abandoned asylum. Now she's been ordered to close the case. THE HACKER: is a virtual Venice that holds the city's secrets. Only its reclusive creator can help Kat unearth the shocking truth...THE ABOMINATION has arrived.


OK, you want a crime thriller that is going to deliver not only a kickass story but bring characters to the fore that you’ll quickly fall in love with and want to spend your fee time alongside. It has some great twists, a plot that really doesn’t let go and takes you to an exotic locale that is so well described you feel that you’re there yourself.

Back this up with some wonderful turns of phrase, some great prose and of course dialogue that really does help you get into the characters world which when blended with characters you can’t help but like all round generated a book that was nigh impossible to put down.

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