Tuesday, 19 November 2013

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: The Eidolon - Libby McGugan

Release Date: 28/10/13
Publisher:  Solaris


When physicist Robert Strong – newly unemployed and single – is offered a hundred thousand pounds for a week’s work, he’s understandably sceptical. But Victor Amos, head of the mysterious Observation Research Board, has compelling proof that the next round of experiments at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider poses a real threat to the whole world. And he needs Robert to sabotage it.

Robert’s life is falling apart. His work at the Dark Matter Research Laboratory in Middlesbrough was taken away from him; his girlfriend, struggling to cope with the loss of her sister, has left. He returns home to Scotland, seeking sanctuary and rest, and instead starts to question his own sanity as the dead begin appearing to him, in dreams and in waking. Accepting Amos’s offer, Robert flies to Geneva, but as he infiltrates CERN, everything he once understood about reality and science, about the boundary between life and death, changes forever.

Mixing science, philosophy and espionage, Libby McGugan’s stunning debut is a thriller like no other.


As a reader I’m always a fan of the “Spirit of Man” when it comes through in books. With individuals who refuse to be broken, who stand tall for what they believe in and continue trudging forward regardless of the adversity that they face, so I was more than interested in this book by Libby McGugan which promised all this and more.

What she brings to the table brings all the best elements of Urban Fantasy with a cracking Science background to the table and allows the readers to ask questions as the story reveals itself over the pages. Add to this some wonderful turns of phrase and a lead character that not only questions his own sanity (along with the reader) really allows you to get to the heart of thing as Libby’s wondorous prose really does take you on a journey. A great way to spend some quality time with a debut that’s announcing a cracking talent. Magical.

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