Saturday, 16 November 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: Tower and Knife 3: The Tower Broken - Mazarkis Williams

Release Date: 01/11/13
Publisher:  Jo Fletcher Books


The world is at breaking point. The nothing, a terrible darkness caused by the festering wounds of a god, bleeds out the very essence of all, of stone, silk - and souls. Emperor Sarmin thought he had stopped it, but it is spreading towards his city, Cerana - and he is powerless to halt the destruction. Even as Cerana fills with refugees, the Yrkmen armies arrive with conquest in mind, but they offer to spare Sarmin's people if they will convert to the Mogyrk faith. Time is running out for Sarmin and his wife, Mesema: the Mage's Tower is cracked; the last mage, sent to find a mysterious pattern-worker in the desert, has vanished; and Sarmin believes his kidnapped brother Daveed still has a part to play. The walls are crumbling around them...


The latest outing for Mazarkis and to be honest having been a little unwhelmed by the previous book, I was wondering if it was the book two curse hitting or whether the author was saving things for a pretty hard hitting third outing. And so, having picked up the book (finally) I settled back to see what would be revealed, and boy was I pleased I did.

The storyline has a huge amount going for it. The characters continuing to add to their personal growth and when you add dialogue that just leaps into your mind you know that it’s going to be something cracking Add to this solid prose and all round, a solid release that will more than entertain the reader. Magic.

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