Sunday, 10 November 2013

FANTASY EBOOK SHORT STORY REVIEWS: Tomb of the Golden Idol 1 & 2 - Andy Hoare

Release Date: 14/08/13
Publisher:  Black Library


A band of intrepid adventurers led by the mighty dwarf Khargrim Khargrimsson delves into the jungles of Lustria in search of ancient treasure. Facing fiendish traps and the reptilian guardians of lost and hidden temples, they have their ultimate prize clear in their minds - the golden idol in the legendary Tomb of Destiny. But will they turn on one another before the fearsome lizardmen lay even a single claw upon them?


Two short Warhammer Fantasy stories that feel part of a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game rather than a pure story on its own merits. Don’t get me wrong it will entertain, it will give readers a bit of light hearted entertainment but it feels pretty linear and simplistic with it appearing more obvious in some places rather than others.

In short, OK but don’t expect anything mind blowing from these stories. A great shame.

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