Monday, 11 November 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: Hunter of Sherwood 1: Knight of Shadows - Toby Venables

Release Date: 29/09/13
Publisher:  Abaddon


Guy of Gisburne has a story, one the liar Robin Hood has obscured for centuries. In legend he was the Sheriff of Nottingham's henchman, the man who could not defeat Hood. But this errant knight, spy for the crown and hunter of Sherwood was never anyone's accomplice, or petty hoodlum. This thrilling reinvention of the Robin Hood legend is the beginning of a major new series. As George MacDonald Fraser's Flashman reinvented a character from Tom Brown's Schooldays, so Toby Venables finds Guy of Gisburne a character in the most thrilling episodes of his age.


I’ve always loved the tales of Sherwood, the outlaw hero standing up for the people against a corrupt king, but there have been times when I’ve yearned for a richer, darker story, something that allows the reader to get to the heart of the tale afore propaganda took over, so it was quite a breath of fresh air to get a book told from Guy of Gisbournes point of view.

Its got some great action, wonderful turns of phrase and takes the reader not only on an adventure but gives them something pretty damn special all in. Add to this sharp prose, great dialogue and of course a lead character that you can really get behind all round gives you something pretty damn special. Thank you Toby for a great read.

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