Monday, 17 October 2016

DVD REVIEW: Dr Strange (1978) - Universal Pictures UK

Release Date: 17/10/16
Publisher:  Universal Pictures UK


Philip DeGuere writes and directs this fantasy adventure based on the Marvel comics character. After predicting the return to Earth of the evil sorceress Morgan LeFay (Jessica Walter), shaman Lindmer (John Mills) trains young psychiatry resident Dr Stephen Strange (Peter Wooten) in the ways of the mystic arts in order for him to take control of the elements and save the world.


I've agonised over writing this review as to be honest I didn't want the Marvel fans to jump down my neck for slating a film that is utterly terrible, but with the soon to be Cinema Revamp release under the Marvel name coming in November, I was given the chance to view the original Tv movie so thought what the hell.

What occurs within is a sheer mess, its overly long for what little plot they have, the characters are poorly 2d and sadly never give you what you would expect of the character from the comic books as he has no personality what so ever as opposed ot being charismatic and a charmer.

The plot is drivel, written to bring in the Arthurian mythos and sadly doesn't make any sense when looked at from an outside point of view. Back this up with dire acting, character twists that were nonsensical alongside dialogue that had more wood in it than the Amazon and all round I was very disappointed. IT really is not a surprise that this didn't get a TV series from it.

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