Sunday, 23 October 2016

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: The Secrets of Time and Fate - Rebecca Alexander

Release Date:  02/06/16
Publisher: Del Rey


16th Century
Edward Kelley and his mentor Dr John Dee have come to a crossroads. At the mercy of Countess Elizabeth Báthory, they set out to find a cure for her unnatural condition.

21st Century
Jackdaw Hammond is living rough in London, blacking out and waking with a sense of dread. Can the lessons of the past help defeat the dark magic that threatens to steal her soul?


A book I couldn't literally wait to get my teeth into, especially when past names of not only the occult but supernatural tales were the center of the tale.  What is not to love?  Well to be honest, a story that brought them fully fleshed to life.  Each person named is unique and a larger than life character that needed a book all to themselves just to try and get an idea about their personalities, motives and ego.  Yet thrown together in one leaves each feeling like a weak 2d flat bitty player rather than the fully vibrant character that they were in real life.

All round, for me, this book needed to be gone through a few more times to help slicken the prose, get the pace steady and with more concentration upon personality development for the characters however I have to say that I did like the concepts and I think that perhaps that with this being the third title in the series, may have left the plot a little short in order to wrap a lot up..

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