Friday, 28 October 2016

FANTASY REVIEW: Traitor's Son 4: A Plague of Swords - Miles Cameron

Release Date: 27/10/16
Publisher:  Gollancz


NOW IT'S WAR . . .

The Red Knight withstood the full might of his enemy, and won the day. In a victory which will be remembered through the ages, he brought disparate factions together and turned them into allies against a more powerful foe than they had ever seen.

Now, he will need his allies more than ever.

Because behind one adversary hid another - one with allies of their own - whose goal was never to destroy Alba, but to distract the Kingdom while achieving his true aim. And whatever it is, it's probably not in the Red Knight's interest.

With one army defeated, now the Red Knight must fight again . . . and for every one of his allies there is a corresponding enemy. Spread out in different lands, and on sea, it will all come down to one last gamble. And to whether or not the Red Knight has guessed their foe's true intentions.

With each throw of the dice, everything could be lost .


The fourth title in Miles' Traitor Son series and one that is building up for one hell of a conclusion in the final outing. As with Miles other books, the combat is not only historically acurate for the medieval period with the author himself having conducted quite a lot of practical research so that it all flows onto the page allowing it to feel organically developed.

Back this with a cracking overall arc, top notch prose and dlalogue that just trips from the page to allow you to feel fully immersed all round generates a book that is hard to put down. Finally throw into the mix a principle character that has foibles alongside positive traits and feels delighfully real which in turn gives this alternate world a delightfully realistic feeling. Magic.

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