Friday, 7 October 2016

THRILLER REVIEW: The Brother - Joakim Zander

Release Date: 06/10/16
Publisher: Head of Zeus


Smart, gripping and urgent, the new blockbuster from the bestselling author of The Swimmer.

Growing up poor, Yasmine vowed she would always protect her little brother from harm. She broke her promise on the day she left home, abandoning Fadi to his life in the Stockholm slums.

Now, five years later, Yasmine still carries the guilt of leaving him behind. Then she hears a rumour that he is dead, killed by a US drone in Syria. What happened to turn her sweet-natured brother into one of the CIA’s most wanted men?

The answer will shock her. It will shock you too.


Joakkim is an author that likes to get the reader eased into his titles with a slow burn accompanied by multiple cross story plots. They work well and as a reader of the Thriller, at times I want the careful built as it makes the impact of what is to happen all the more tragic. Its well written, the prose sharp and whilst for some it may feel like it takes to long to get where its going, I found the chance to get to know the characters involved better refreshing.

Back this up with a realistic feel and players you can identify with in some ways due to their foibles and all round I was a reader that loved having a slower read in amongst a whole host of fast paced action sequences. Cracking.

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