Tuesday 22 September 2009

FANTASY REVIEW: Crucible of the Dragon God - Mike Wild


Hordes of a deadly and unknown species of predator swarm across Twilight, killing everything in their path. To find the origin of this threat, Kali Hooper and her friends must battle through dwarven death traps, a beseiged Andon, a haunted limbo at the end of time and the aquatic lair of a monster - finally to reach the Crucible of the Dragon God.


The Twilight of Kerberos was a series that initially started with a bit of phut rather than a roar, however since Mike took a shot at the world it’s been pretty explosive especially when you see the impact that his principle heroine, Kali has had. Taking his second crack of the whip he not only exceeds what he built within Clockwork King of Orl but allows Kali to grow in such a way as to make her unforgettable. A great offering and one that I hope will continue to grow the world in such a way that others pick up on this burgeoning series.

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