Tuesday, 1 September 2009

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Age of Ra - James Lovegrove


An alternate history of the world where the Egyptian gods have defeated all others and have carved up the planet between themselves. Only a band of Freedom Fighters and their enigmatic leader can free the Earth from their divine tyranny.


What would you do if the world was being fought over by an ancient pantheon? With mankind being used as the pawns of the gods who’s own family was as dysfunctional as many of the cartoon based ones who whilst united against the other gods, fought each other harder after their own victory? And essentially, how would mankind survive against such strife where the worship of the deities defined their own power?

James Lovegrove brings all these questions, and more, to light within this tale. Its creative it’s a two story adventure where on the one side we see how it develops from the god’s point of view as Ra endeavours to create peace and we also view it from mankind’s point of view as the reader follows the story from one of the “pawn’s” point of view. Its creative, it is extremely well written and it has made me see this author in another light. I will be honest here, I am not the biggest fan of James’ other work but this one really did deliver what it not only promised on the box but also allowed the reader the chance to view the situation from all angles. A definite must read for fans of Sci-Fi/Fantasy as it has elements that will appeal to all. The only criticism that I do have of this is that it did feel a little bit too Stargate with some of the weapons and thought processes, that’s not a bad thing but you do wonder if the author should have had more distance from it.

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