Wednesday, 2 September 2009

FANTASY REVIEW: Kingdom of the Serpent 3: Destroyer of Worlds - Mark Chadbourn


It is the beginning of the end . . . The end of the axe-age, the sword-age, leading to the passing of gods and men from the universe. As all the ancient prophecies fall into place, the final battle rages, on Earth, across Faerie, and into the land of the dead. Jack Churchill, Champion of Existence, must lead the Brothers and Sisters of Dragons in a last, desperate assault on the Fortress of the Enemy, to confront the ultimate incarnation of destruction: the Burning Man. It is humanity's only chance to avert the coming extinction. At his back is an army of gods culled from the world's great mythologies - Greek, Norse, Chinese, Aztec, and more. But will even that be enough? Driven to the brink by betrayal, sacrifice and death, his allies fear Jack may instead bring about the very devastation he is trying to prevent . . .


Many readers will have anticipated this release for quite some time. That said, if you haven’t read the others you will be wasting your time jumping into this, Mark’s latest release, without having read the other Jack of Raven novels. Not only could it be very confusing but the reader will have missed an absolute load of twists that will amuse as well as fascinate them.

What makes this even better is that the reader is left with no idea which way the book will finish until that final chapter and with the almost seemingly magical talent then it’s a twister that will more than please even the most finicky of readers. A great conclusion to this series and demonstrates again why Mark is a name fast gathering speed.

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