Monday, 21 September 2009

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Ark (Flood 2) - Stephen Baxter


As the waters rose in FLOOD, high in the Colorado mountains the US government was building an ark. Not an ark to ride the waves but an ark that would take a select few thousand people out into space to start a new future for mankind. Sent out into deep space on a journey lasting centuries, generations of crew members carry the hope of a new beginning on a new, incredibly distant, planet. But as the ages pass knowledge and purpose is lost and division and madness grows. And back on earth life, and man, find a new way. This is the epic sequel to the acclaimed FLOOD; a stirring tale of what mankind will do to survive and the perfect introduction for new readers to one of SFs greatest tropes; the generation ship. Written by one of the most significant SF writers of the last 30 years, a man considered to be the heir of Arthur C. Clarke as a writer with a unique ability to popularize science and science fiction for the largest possible audience FLOOD and ARK together form a landmark in modern SF.


Having been wading hip deep in the water in Flood, I really couldn’t wait to see where Stephen took the series in the second novel, Ark, so when it landed I stocked myself up with provisions and pretty much got stuck in straight away as there’s no better speculative fiction author than Stephen.

What I got for my time was an excellently executed novel that dealt in everything from the mundane daily tasks of the crew as they seek out another world brought together with almost impeccable execution. Add to the mix emotional conflict, political infighting and it’s a novel that could well be his best work to date. That said however make sure you read the first novel, Flood, before joining the crew on this mission, as you won’t get the full flavour of Earth’s possible future without it.

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Michelle Muto said...

I'm not into Sci-fi, but hubby DEFINITELY is. This might be right up his alley.